ProbateCash: A new tool for your probate Toolbox, How to meet the demands of heirs

We discuss how ProbateCash can fit into the needs of heirs, what they might expect, and how we can help firms in the process.

ProbateCash: Fact and Fiction

There can be lots of questions regarding the relatively new industry of inheritance funding. While not appropriate for all heirs, there are occasions where liquidity can be beneficial to an estate. Helping fix up the home for sale, for example, or meeting the immediate need of an heir. This webinar delves into many of these issues.

Unlocking Your Non-profit’s Gift That’s Tied Up In Probate

The purpose of the webinar is to provide information for non-profits that have gifted  donations tied up in probate court. We go through how ProbateCash allows those non-profit companies to access those cash gifts today.  

Helping you and your congregation access money from pending inheritances

This  webinar is focused on the specific needs of Churches and dealing with inheritances. Inheritances are often tied up in probate court, but now the beneficiaries can achieve immediate liquidly.

What is an Inheritance Advance?

Is your Advance a Loan?

How does ProbateCash get paid?

What happens if the beneficiary assigns more money than they are going to receive? Will it hurt the other heirs’ share?

A new revenue stream for Notaries

ProbateCash Provides Inheritance Advances

Fiduciary responsibilities & Inheritance Advances

ProbateCash Townhall: Asks the Experts