ProbateCash Professionals Program

For Attorneys and Law Firms

We do Business in all 50 States. Heirs are not the only ones who may qualify for an advance. An Attorney or small law firm with an active probate practice and a pipeline of statutory fee receivables can use a fee advance from ProbateCash to help smooth firm cash flow. These transactions are arranged confidentially, and quickly.

We offer fast, confidential service and preferred rates to attorneys awaiting a probate fee payout. We understand court delays can postpone probate fee awards, making it difficult to manage cash flow in a small to medium-sized law practice. ProbateCash offers fast, discreet solutions and preferred rates to attorneys awaiting probate fee payouts.

We look forward to serving you and your clients. Call us now to learn more (561) 242-3082

Marc Harris, ESQ.


For Executors, Heirs, and Beneficiaries

ProbateCash gives heirs the option to access some of their inheritance cash now. We provide cash that can be used to fund routine home maintenance or relocate those still living on a property. These advances can help relieve the intense pressure to sell the family home for less than fair market value simply to get the estate closed and the creditors paid.

We fund these advances via an assignment filed with the court. There are no fees or costs
imposed upon the estate and the transaction does not interfere with any of the other heirs’
inheritance. Call us now to learn more (561) 242-3082


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Angie Kopec
Angie Kopec
very nice, patient, & extremely helpful ! was very quick and answered all my questions ! overall amazing service!
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Nun Bussiness
The Customer service was very good, definitely recommend and coached me very
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Jerry Medina
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Nene 2loyal
I absolutely love sandy, my family and I had no problems he give us Fast and excellent customer service
Gloria Cooper
Gloria Cooper
I have to say that my family and I was in a bind until Fred Monia picked up the phone called Sandy at Probate cash Sandy provided Fred with a fast and easy way to obtain a cash advance FAST Sandy made sure Fred Monia was able to get money from his inheritance there are a lot of companies who claim they can do magic but after Fred Tried a few it was Sandy at Probate Cash with all the mystical magical moves and provided Fred with the cash to get our family out of a financial bind THank You Sandy Fred Monia / Gloria Cooper