Is an Inheritance Advance Right For You?

Is an Inheritance Advance Right For You?

Advances on an inheritance is not for everyone.  That sentence may sound surprising coming from the CEO of ProbateCash, a company that provides inheritance advances to beneficiaries of estates that are in probate courts throughout the country.  Why isn’t an inheritance advance for everyone?  An inheritance advance has many advantages, but an inheritance advance can also have drawbacks if you are not fully informed.

For example, an inheritance advance can have high fees.  Unlike a loan, an inheritance advance has fees that increase the longer the inheritance advance is not repaid to the inheritance advance company.  That means when the estate is finally ready to pay you your inheritance, you must know how much of your inheritance will first be paid to the inheritance advance company.  Understanding and managing your expectations is extremely important when deciding whether an inheritance advance is right for you.  The experts at ProbateCash will make sure you fully understand the terms of your inheritance advance, but we always encourage you to confer with your own advisors, too, prior to taking the inheritance advance.

With that said, there are certainly advantages to receiving an inheritance advance while the probate case winds its way through the probate court.  The obvious reason is that an inheritance advance provides you with money when your really need it.  And ProbateCash pays the inheritance advance FAST.  Often within 1 day after you requested your inheritance advance.  How?  An inheritance advance requires no credit check since it’s not a loan.  ProbateCash relies on you being entitled to receive your inheritance.  If it turns out you do not receive your inheritance for reasons like a creditor’s claim wipes out your anticipated inheritance, you don’t have to repay the inheritance advance to ProbateCash.  

ProbateCash understands the need for an inheritance advance TODAY.  The employees at ProbateCash have well over an aggregate of 100 years of experience of providing upfront money to people waiting on an inheritance or other cash flow. In fact, before I started providing inheritance advances to beneficiaries of estates, I worked as a lawyer for companies that provided upfront money to people who had serious financial needs or simply wanted some of their money today instead of waiting for all of their money due at a much later date.  My 25 years of experience has given me first-hand knowledge of how important, if not necessary, for people who need money now to be able to access money now.

An inheritance advance from ProbateCash has changed so many lives for the better.  First and foremost, most people had no idea what a probate was until they have lost a loved one.  It is difficult enough to experience the loss of a loved one.  Sometimes the last thing you think about is an inheritance, let alone an inheritance advance, after a loved one has passed.  But eventually someone needs to take care of the “business” part of the loved one’s passing, and that includes usually learning for the first time about probate.  Most of the time, you simply cannot receive your anticipated inheritance immediately following the death of a loved one.  Instead, you have to follow the state probate laws designed to ensure that everyone who may have had a financial interest in the decedent’s life has a legal opportunity to be heard.  And that usually means the beginning of a probate case and the beginning of a long wait for your anticipated inheritance, if you even receive an inheritance after the probate process is completed.

Now that you have learned that receiving your inheritance is going to take many months or even longer, you may have to begin examining your financial situation while waiting to receive your inheritance.  That is when an inheritance advance from ProbateCash may not just make sense, but may be necessary for you and your family to achieve the most basic financial goals such as paying monthly bills and just getting by with your life.  If you have a heating bill or car payment to make, you may need an inheritance advance immediately.  ProbateCash can make such an inheritance advance to you without a credit check so you can meet your financial obligations without any interruption to you and your family.

Are you the executor or personal representative?  If you are involved in the probate process, you may actually be the person who has the legal authority to act on behalf of the estate.  That’s a tremendous responsibility and you probably hired a probate lawyer to help you navigate the probate court process.  You will be responsible for working with any creditors who believe they have a claim against the estate.  You will be responsible to communicate with the other beneficiaries of the estate as well, people who will not be as knowledgeable about the probate court process as you have become while working with your lawyer.  Those other beneficiaries (often family members) will be frequently calling you to ask when they will receive their inheritance and not understand why the probate process takes so long.  With ProbateCash, you can refer those beneficiaries to our company for the purpose of receiving an inheritance advance.  You will have helped those beneficiaries with finding an option to receive money quickly in the form of an inheritance advance while also taking the pressure off of yourself from receiving those daily phone calls.

An inheritance advance also helps you as the executor or personal representative when you need to sell estate assets, including the estate property or multiple properties.  Selling real property can take time and also requires the property to be in good condition to receive the fair market value of the property.  Inheritance advance money is often used by the executor or personal representative to make repairs to the estate property to prepare it for sale.  $25,000 of repairs to an estate property can make a different in receiving significantly more money when you sell the estate property.  Receiving the inheritance advance for that purpose resulting in a much higher purchase price for the estate property benefits all of the beneficiaries of the estate since it should increase the amount of the inheritance for each beneficiary.  The last thing you want to do is sell the estate property for significantly less than its market value simply because you didn’t have the money or time for repairs.  An inheritance advance from ProbateCash solves that problem for you and the other beneficiaries of the estate.

An inheritance advance from ProbateCash has so many advantages that we will discuss some of them in future blogs. What is most important, whether you are the executor of personal representative of the estate or simply a beneficiary of the estate, is that you know your options.  Knowing that ProbateCash can provide an inheritance advance allows everyone who is receiving an inheritance to at least explore whether an inheritance advance makes sense in each person’s specific financial circumstances.  The inheritance advance may have advantages and disadvantages, but the people at ProbateCash will work with you and your advisors to make sure you understand the terms of the inheritance advance and whether the inheritance advance is right for you and your family or even the estate.

Finally, the people at ProbateCash are understanding and have empathy for all of our customers and potential customers.  We understand you have experienced a loss and that now are exploring an inheritance advance because you really have a financial need.  ProbateCash representatives will work with you and make sure you understand the benefits of receiving an inheritance advance.  At the end of the day, whether you receive an inheritance advance is YOUR decision.  We simply provide the service when you decide you are ready.  Once you decide to receive an inheritance advance, the people at ProbateCash will remain accessible for you.  The experts at ProbateCash are constantly monitoring the progress of the estate as it progresses (hopefully) through the probate court.  If probate lawyers or the personal representative is not giving you updates quickly enough about when you will receive the rest of your inheritance, call ProbateCash.  We can give you an update on the probate case in a matter of minutes so you can continue to plan your life, manage your expectations, and even determine whether you may need or desire an additional inheritance advance (yes, we can provide more than one inheritance advance if you are eligible).

Thanks again for visiting the ProbateCash website.  ProbateCash has provided almost $30,000,000 of inheritance advances to people just like you.

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